XLerator Parts provides repairs, servicing and parts for counter-rotating cylindrical brush machines used for carpet cleaning and maintenance.

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With over 20 years of experience in the carpet care industry, you can trust us to provide you with an excellent knowledge of carpet cleaning equipment and machinery.


This model of carpet cleaner has unique features that make it different from other cleaner that are available in the market.


This unique feature is its HEPA filter that can be able to capture 99.

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97% dust, pet hair, bacteria and other allergens and good for cleaning and disinfecting bare floors, stairs, upholstery and carpeted areas.

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Below is the list of its awesome features There are some definite tips that should be kept in mind while have focused on the purchasing of a carpet cleaner.

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You must follow the following points then it would become convenient and suitable for you to make the appropriate and well suited choice.

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Here I am giving you some major points which are as follows.

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New Tile & Grout Cleaning Spray/Brush Head with Vacuum Ring Pickup Plus, if you ever have a problem with your carpet, the manufacturer will NOT warranty any carpet that has been improperly cleaned.

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Be careful! To clean carpets, I use 1 cup of clorox 2 and 1 cup alcohol then fill the carpet cleaner with hot water.

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