A near empty local tile and carpet store is not usually the setting for witnessing a modern cleaning miracle.

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Spudmaniac and I had just purchased some carpeting and were asking the saleswoman about carpet cleaning methods.

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She pointed to a container of something called Capture, a powder brushed into the carpet.

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I listened skeptically as she sprinkled some of the white, pleasant smelling powder onto the soiled, trampled floor covering.

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Sears Hometown Stores (formerly known as Sears Authorized Dealer Stores) is part of the retail operation of Sears Holdings and is a small-store version of Sears full-line department stores.

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Sears Hometown Stores, established in 1993, is a franchise formula and Sears Home Appliance Showroom, established in 2007, offers primarily appliances.

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The stores are located away from shopping malls and serve local communities across the United States and Puerto Rico 31 Sears Hometown Stores was part of a spin-off with Sears Outlet and Sears Appliance and Hardware in September of 2012.

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32 Since 1886 they were making a well-established company and a household name in many circles.

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There were some consumer reviews that weren't that glowing, when it comes to the services received from a Sears Carpet Cleaner.

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