Not all Williamsburg and Richmond carpet cleaning companies are the same.

Chem-Dry of Richmond stands apart from the crowd of carpet cleaners by offering highly effective green cleaning technology, truly professional cleaning services and a reputation for customer service that is second to none.

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Not true.

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Many companies own hot-water cleaners but a large number of employees don't know how to use them.

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You probably know someone who bought the newest computer on the market, but didn't learn how to use it for a year or more.

The same is true with carpet cleaning machines.

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The company may own good equipment, but the employees may not know how to use it correctly.

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This is why it's important that you choose your carpet cleaning technician carefully.

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Our patented cleaning methods really do get your home carpets and rugs back to looking like they did when you first got them.

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Imagine yourself with a brighter, cleaner, and more sanitary home that smells great, with reduced allergens.

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